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How to train American shorthair cats that are too naughty?

Beauty short is a kind of cat that many cat lovers nowadays, but many people often feel that their heads are too naughty and mischievous. In fact, short beauty can be trained slowly. We can train them at first. Put them in a cage and let them out for two or three hours a day. If the cats do wrong because of their mischief, we must not be merciful at this time. We also need to reprimand them and give them some small punishments. , Let them know that this is wrong.

Speaking of beauty short, many people are familiar with it, beauty short is short for American shorthair cat (details introduction), many people come here because of the beautiful short round body and cute appearance, especially some children We and girls like short cats very much. Short shorts have shown all their cute advantages when they are young. They can sprout our blood, even when they grow up, they are very cute. , But the mischief of Mei Duan is also very amazing. Many shit shovel officers feel big because Mei Duan is too naughty, and they don’t know how to train Mei Duan is too naughty, so in this article I will give you all the shit shovel officers. Let’s take a look at how to train beautiful shorts too naughty.

   1. Keep it in a cage properly

Because Meidan is very naughty, so Meidan often runs around at home. They not only sometimes damage our things, but also upset the owners, and often interrupt them to do other things. How can I train if Mei short is too naughty? Then at this time we can keep them in the cage for a period of time every day. When we put them in the cage, remember not to keep them in the cage all day long. We only need to keep them in the cage every day. It takes two hours, because cats cannot be kept in a cage for too long.

   2. Appropriate punishment and reward

How to train beauty shorts that are too naughty? Too naughty beauty shorts often do something wrong in life. For example, they are too naughty and ruin the things in our house. At this time, we must exercise our masters. Right, we must give them some criticism and punishment in time, and let them know that it is wrong to do so, but we can’t beat them too angrily. We’d better criticize them verbally. Of course, if the beauty is well-behaved, then we can also give them some small snacks as a reward, and praise them in a pampering tone, the praised cat will also be very happy.

  Before reading this article, maybe you don’t know how to train beauty short too naughty, I believe that after reading the above content, everyone knows how to treat your own naughty short short, right?

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