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How to train cats to use cat litter? This method is very effective

Domestic cats don’t know how to urinate and urinate in a fixed place. Use cat litter, and then use simple training methods to train cats on the litter. In this way, the home environment is clean, and the air does not smell. Now put a little cat urine on the cat litter to make the cat litter stick to the smell of the cat, and then put the cat on the litter when the cat wants to pee. After smelling its own smell, the cat will be convenient on the litter. After training a few more times, after forming a conditioned reflex, the cat will automatically run to the litter when it wants to pee.

   Cats are famous for talking about hygiene. They must lick everything dirty. I use my little hands to comb and comb my hair or wash my face when I have time. People love clean cats. Cats also like to defecate cleanly, always go to inconspicuous places, quietly looking for sand or dust to defecate. Now in the city, there is no sand on the tall buildings, where do you defecate? Cat litter is a good thing. How to train cats to use cat litter? This method is very effective.

   1. Prepare cat litter and a box

   At home, it is necessary to prepare litter for cats to defecate. This makes the home environment cleaner. Also prepare a small box, the box does not need to be too big, it can hold the cat’s small body. This box is used to hold cat litter.

  2. Cat litter for training cats

When    kittens are convenient at the beginning, in most cases they will no longer be convenient in small boxes filled with cat litter. They will smell everywhere and want to find a suitable place for convenience. At this time, the tail will also have pretty movements. When the owner saw it, he understood that it was convenient for the kitten, so he carried the kitten into the litter and kept the cat away from it. It is convenient to hold the cat in the litter so many times, and the kitten will naturally understand the meaning of the owner. It should be noted that cats like to urinate in places with their own smell. When you start training, you can pour the cat’s urine into the litter and stir it. When the cat smells its own smell, it will urinate in the litter.

   3. Choose dust-free cat litter

  Some cats have poor respiratory tracts, and too much dust will irritate them. If the cat litter you buy is too dusty, the cat will avoid it if it doesn’t like it. Therefore, the owner should choose dust-free cat litter when choosing cat litter. After selecting the litter, it is best not to change it at will. If the litter is changed frequently, the cat must adapt again.

  How to train cats to use cat litter? If you have cats in your house and you don’t have a fixed place to urinate, prepare litter for your cats. This is clean and hygienic. Remember to buy a shovel so that it can be easily disposed of after the cat has a bowel movement.

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