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What should I do if dogs like to eat shit?

Many friends who feed pet dogs at home may encounter the phenomenon of dogs eating shit in their lives. Why do dogs like to eat shit? Dog eating shit can firstly reflect that the dog’s body lacks the corresponding trace elements. Secondly, there is another reason why dogs eat shit, that is, their food is not enough. At this time, they will eat shit while walking outside. .

Now basically every household will feed a pet dog they like. Although pet dogs bring us more life and soul companionship, since we choose to feed them, we must take responsibility for them. Many shovel Shit officials will definitely encounter such a problem when feeding pet dogs, that is, when their dogs are walking outside, they often eat shit. Why do dogs like to eat shit? What should I do if the dog eats shit? I believe you all have some doubts about this issue, and we can learn about these issues together.

   1. Why do dogs like to eat shit

When we feed our pet dogs, we will not only prepare enough dog food and pure water for them, but I believe that many owners will also prepare a lot of their favorite snacks for their dogs, such as jerky and beef ears. Wait… So much food is enough to cover the edge of shit, right? So from this perspective alone, we don’t understand why dogs like to eat shit. But the relevant pet experts gave us an answer. Dogs like to eat shit mostly because they lack certain trace elements in their body, so they will get these trace elements by eating shit. Another factor is that some pet dogs do not have enough diet, so they will eat outside things when walking outside, including eating outside junk food and shit.

   2. What should I do if a dog eats shit

Above we talked about why dogs like to eat shit, then we will talk about what should be done when dogs eat shit. If we see dogs eating shit outside, we must stop them in time by tapping their mouth gently or harshly. Reprimand them and tell them that such behavior is wrong. After we go home, we should also seek help from the doctors in the pet hospital in time, and buy some tablets that can supplement trace elements for the dogs.

   Why do dogs like to eat shit? I believe everyone will come up with relevant answers after reading the above article. Most pet dogs still have no habit of eating shit. If we find that they have the habit of eating shit, we must stop them in time.

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