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How old is a dog as a human?

How old is a dog as a human? The actual life span of a dog is related to the breed. Small breeds have a longer life span than large breeds. They are fully mature at one year old and are almost equivalent to human adulthood. At one year old, small breeds are equivalent to 15 years old for humans. Large breeds Equivalent to fourteen years old, as the age grows, small breeds will gradually slow down, while large breeds will accelerate.

  How old is a dog as a person

   I believe that many friends have heard of such a rumor that a dog’s one year old is equivalent to a human’s seven years old. This argument has been circulated for a long time, and many friends are convinced of this. Although this method can be regarded as a conclusion drawn through simple calculations, it is actually not very accurate. After a large number of statistics by zoologists, they found that the current statement of dog age is actually in error. Let’s take a look with everyone, how old a dog is equivalent to a person, I hope it will help you, let’s take a look.

   1. How old is one year old?

   How old is a dog as a person? In fact, after rigorous statistics, zoologists have obtained a more reasonable method for calculating the age of dogs, and in their research, they have also found that dogs with relatively small breeds tend to live longer than ordinary dogs. Dogs are longer. Before understanding the method of calculating the age of dogs, we first need to understand a concept, that is, the growth rate of dogs and humans is actually different. For dogs, they tend to grow very fast when they are young. It reduces the speed when aging, so this also affects the accuracy of calculating the dog’s age.

  2. Small dog breeds live longer

  According to different dog body types, the limit life span of dogs actually has certain differences. However, from the general rule, the life span of small dogs is generally longer than that of larger dogs. Many pet owners want to know the actual age of their dogs. In fact, for ordinary pet dogs, they are fully mature in the first year after birth, which is equivalent to the age of human beings. At this time, the dog can already breed the next generation. We can find that a newborn dog can still be hugged, but after a few months, the dog will have grown up, and some dogs will sometimes weigh heavier than their owner.

  3. Calculation of dog age

   Actually, the algorithm that a dog is equal to the age of seven is still biased. There are many calculators for the dog’s age on the Internet, which can actually help the pet owner quickly understand the actual age of the dog. Generally speaking, when a dog is one year old, small and medium breeds are equivalent to human beings fifteen years old, while large breeds are fourteen years old, but later, the actual age of small breeds will gradually slow down, in contrast to large breeds. The actual age will accelerate.

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